John Meador – President and CEO

Career Summary
I have a diverse background in the environmental consulting industry since 1990. I have performed and managed over ten thousand environmental consulting projects. My experience includes the design, performance and management of microbiological, lead-based paint, asbestos, phase one site assessments, radon, and many other environmental projects. I have been involved with the instruction and lecture on health effects, abatement, worker safety, investigation and awareness for asbestos, lead, and microbiological concerns since 1990. I have eight years of experience in computer science and software engineering, including the development of several custom software packages utilized in the environmental industry.

State of California Environmental Protection Agency Registered Environmental Assessor
State of California Department of Occupational Safety and Health Certified Asbestos Consultant
State of California Department of Health Services Building Inspector/Assessor
State of California Department of Health Services Project Manager
State of California Department of Health Services Project Designer
State of California Department of Health Services Radiology Board Certified
Environmental Protection Agency AHERA Building Inspector
Environmental Protection Agency AHERA Supervisor
Environmental Protection Agency AHERA Project Designer
Environmental Protection Agency AHERA Management Planner
Industrial Hygienist
Member of the American Indoor Air Quality Council

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Vinh Pham – Vice President of Operations / Senior Environmental Consultant

Roger Munoz – Vice President of Systems / Laboratory Director

James Tower  – Branch Manager, Bay Area Branch

Marisa “Sissa” James – Scheduling and Office Manager