ENVIROCHECK’s staff of state certified asbestos consultants and site surveillance technicians are available to provide testing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are experienced and have completed countless projects in government, educational, military, healthcare, commercial, and industrial facilities.

Surveys and support includes:

  • Inspection, bulk and air sampling of areas with suspect materials
  • Onsite sample analysis to ensure quick re-occupancy
  • Identification, quantification and risk analysis of all hazards and exposure

Whether your concern involves a high-rise structure, industrial facility, hospital or a commercial building, ENVIROCHECK is committed to providing reliable, immediate and affordable solutions to all potential environmental hazards.


Mark – Los Angeles, CA
“Prompt, professional and EXTREMELY helpful. When an abatement company was confused over an Envirocheck report, and took numerous emails and calls from me on the subject; and from the abatement company, tirelessly working to clear up any confusion. They were always friendly; always understanding; and a pleasure to work with. THEY ROCK!”

Chelsea – Chino, CA
“Very professional – helped us navigate the disaster that had befallen our toddler’s room. Rebecca was amazing! Prompt service, walked us through what our situation was and how to make everything right. We started with another company (shame on us!!) and quickly dropped them for the better choice. Envirocheck is the company we will always go to first – but fingers crossed, we won’t need them! I will recommend them time and time again!”

C R. – Murrieta, CA
“Working with ENVIROCHECK for over 2 years, sending them over 150+ jobs, they have been outstanding. They provide quick results, great customer service and provide results that are unbiased. It is sad to read reviews from others where results didn’t go in their favor and they blame the testing company… If you are looking for testing, this is the team you want to use!”

Cliff W. – Los Angeles, CA
“Envirocheck did air sampling for asbestos clearance for our asbestos remediation work peformed by PW Stephens. I guess PW Stephens did a quality job as their work passed on the first sampling. Envirocheck setup the air sampling, was quick to process the sampling and produce the report within 3 days after the sampling. Our experience with Envirocheck was excellent.”

Pam E. – Brea, CA
“Envirocheck tested our house for Asbestos and Lead after a garage fire. The entire house had damage from smoke, so they took a lot of samples, but the testing was done quickly and sent over to the restoration contractor in the span of a day so rebuilding was able to start right away. The technician was very professional & knowledgeable and answered all our dumb questions patiently. We were very pleased with all the service start to finish.”

J R. – Anaheim, CA
“I was 9 months pregnant at the time, and our downstairs had an unexpected flood. It was a stressful time, but Envirocheck was quick to check for any mold build-up, lead, and asbestos. Customer service was friendly, and made the hectic moment a lot easier!”



Envirocheck was contacted to perform bulk asbestos testing on the underground piping systems at the base to first determine if the piping systems contained asbestos materials. Lab analysis determined that asbestos materials had been found in the underground piping at the base where the piping…

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