Asbestos Inspection Services

  • Flooring and glue (mastic) 
  • Plaster walls, ceilings and joint compound 
  • Acoustic ceilings and ceiling tile 
  • Roofing and siding 
  • Plumbing insulation 
  • Duct system or furnace insulation

With the exception to glass, metal and wood, any building material in your home could have been made with harmful asbestos. To protect the public federal laws require that all suspect asbestos containing material be inspected and tested prior to any removal or disturbance. Asbestos related diseases like asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma have been a major health concern for decades.


landing-image1Every year ENVIROCHECK performs thousands of residential and commercial asbestos inspections for homeowners, property managers, schools, hospitals, insurance companies, construction companies and for litigation support. ENVIROCHECK has an accredited and certified in-house asbestos laboratory, has earned laboratory NVLAP (National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program) accreditation, and maintains all the federal, state and regional licensing required to perform these services.


landing-image2Asbestos inspections (or surveys) begin with a visual inspection for suspect asbestos containing materials. Samples are collected in accordance with federal, state and local guidelines and submitted to an accredited laboratory for analysis. The result of the survey can lead to recommendations for removing and controlling asbestos, including operations and maintenance programs for hazardous material left in place and environmental abatement project management.

The inspection is documented in a report that describe:

  • Property information 
  • Characteristics of Sampled Materials
  • Sampling Protocols
  • Laboratory Results
  • Floor Plan Documentation

At Envirocheck, our licensed and experienced team of consultants understand the complicated federal, state and local regulations so you don’t have to.