Lead Based Paint Inspection Services

  • Concern for a child’s health
  • Deteriorated painted surfaces
  • Planning a renovation or demolition
  • Selling or buying a home
  • Insurance requirements
  • Health department violation
  • Elevated blood levels

If a property was built prior to 1978 it may contain materials painted with harmful lead based paint. Federal, state, and some local laws require that painted building components be regularly inspected and tested prior to any removal or disturbance. Ingesting or inhaling lead paint can result in elevated blood levels (EBL) of lead and potentially lead poisoning. Children are most susceptible because they may chew on painted surfaces and crawl on floors where lead dust will settle. Children exposed to lead can suffer with disabilities, lowered I.Q. scores, hearing loss, behavioral problems, and even death. Adults can suffer with reproductive problems, high blood pressure, and nervous system damage.