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Any building or structure could have asbestos in the building materials and should be tested prior to any disturbance of such materials. Learn More

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Disturbing lead in paint can be hazardous. The greatest exposure to lead is swallowing or breathing in the paint chips and dust. Learn More

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Mold and fungal related problems in indoor environments are among the leading concerns involving liability and health exposure. Learn More



Envirocheckwas called out after a large rainstorm to assess water damage and address questions about environmental testing. Envirocheck’s environmental field consultants met with the adjuster and the restoration contractors on site with a testing protocol.

Envirocheck’s environmental field consultants performed on-site initial asbestos sampling as well as initial mold sampling for all units damaged. Once sampling was complete, Envirocheck provided results to all parties above along with a recommendation on how to proceed.


Client Testimonials

"Envirocheck tested our house for Asbestos and Lead after a garage fire. The entire house had damage from smoke, so they took a lot of samples, but the testing was done quickly and sent over to the restoration contractor in the span of a day so rebuilding was able to start right away. The technician was very professional & knowledgeable and answered all our dumb questions patiently. We were very pleased with all the service start to finish."Pam E. – Brea, CA